Radio Shack Scanning Receiver Pro 2033 / 10 Channel Programmable UHV / VHF

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Item Description, Condition & Characteristics:
Radio Shack Scanning Receiver Pro 2033 10 Channel Programmable with Extendable Antenna (3´2”) and Radio Shack AC Adapter Model: 20-410 (Output AC 10V)
We are selling this item in AS IS Condition. 
Model: 20-410 /Type: VHF /UHF Receiver Scanner
Serial Unit:  45008325
Color: Black.
Approx. Measures: L: 9-1/4 In. / W: 6-3/8 In. / H: 2-1/8 In.
Estimated Weight: 1. 27 Lb.
Preowned. Not tested. Turn on /off and the screen works. It is in very good physical or cosmetic condition. Only the number One (1) key has a slight break. It is very clean and only with some very light scratches that do not make this item ugly or deteriorate.
Please: See attached Photos and Read the Full Description of this Listing and Our Business Policies, before buying. All photos are of the current item.  The photo is very important part of the description for that reason we recommend that you enlarge attached photos to get a more accurate perception an opinion about characteristics and conditions of this item.   It is important to keep in mind that antique, vintage, or pre-own pieces could have, to a minimum or small degree, almost imperceptible, some sign or detail of previous use that is feasible beyond our best perception, evaluation and description. What you see in the photos is what you will be buying, neither more nor less.
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Our Return Policy
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If a buyer doesn't receive their item, they're entitled to a refund or a replacement unless we can provide tracking information showing that it was delivered. 
But if the buyer receives the item defective or faulty, we will refund all original cost (purchase plus shipping) or we will replace the item -after the customer return the item to us- even if we don't offer returns in this item. This benefit does not apply when the item was sold in condition as is.
If by any involuntary error on our part the item doesn't match the listing description, we will return to the customer the total amount of the purchase
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If the buyer chooses and pays for their own shipping service, we do not assume any responsibility for damage, lost or deteriorate to the item during the shipping process.
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If in the listing we indicate that the item had no return option, the return of the item will not be accepted, unless an exception is indicated in this return policy.
If in the listing the product was offered on sale condition "As Is", the return will not be accepted. 
If the buyer wishes to return the item only for some detail or condition of the product or part, which was already indicated in the listing, the return will not be accepted. 
All returns attributed to the sole responsibility of the buyer, such as errors in the shipping address, wrong purchase of products or changes of mind will be subject to a15% of restocking fee, plus any additional charges for reasons of freight or shipping we must pay to freight company or postal service.
If we agree with the buyer to accept the return of the item, outside of what is established in this return policy and as a courtesy of us, the buyer will need to send the item back to us before we issue a refund or send out a replacement. In these cases, the buyer will be responsible for the round-trip shipping and we will return only the purchase value of the item, when the item cannot be replaced.
When the buyer requires that the purchased item be sent to him through an express service or overnight, we can offer that service, but in case the item is returned, for any reason, or the item is lost or damaged during the process of transportation, our refund of money for shipping will be up to the amount of the service that we offered in the original listing.
Recommendations to our buyers in order to achieve a mutually beneficial Buying and Selling Process:
We encourage our buyers to review in detail, not only the description of the item, but also the pictures, because we want our buyers have the most accurate idea about the item, they are interested in buying. All included items and parts are shown in the pictures. What you see is what you will get. Please, look closely.
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We would appreciate that our buyers do not assume anything, because our perception or opinion in reference to the item or article could be different from the perception or opinion of another person. For that reason,we try to describe our items as accurately and honestly as possible, in order to detail and disclose to our buyers any signs of wear or imperfections that we have been able to detect in the item for sale. We dedicate time to clean the items that we will put on sale, but we do not make any kind of cosmetic repairs to hide any defect.
In those eventual cases, in which an item sold by us does not work properly, we cannot assume any responsibility to the buyer, for any loss of time or money, as a result of the item not working as expected. We would never sell any item that we knew does not work properly. We make the clarification -in the listing- of "Not tested by us or tested limitedly by us", for those items in which we do not have equipment, knowledge or parts to check its effective operation. In some cases, we only have the word and good faith of the previous owner, who told us that the item worked properly. It is difficult to guarantee 100% the proper functioning of an item, more if it has been previously used. Additionally, the item may have deteriorated during the shipping process, regardless of our efforts to send it properly protected. The buyer assumes that risk. However, except for items sold in "AS IS" condition, most of our products are sold with the return option, if they do not work.
We will appreciate your valuable feedback about our product, price and service. If for any reason, you feel we did not provide the best service or there is any issue or disappointment with your transaction, please do not leave negative or neutral feedback without contacting us first, so we can rectify the situation in a timely manner.  We will do our best to resolve any concern or problem.
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